Hearty Lentil Soup (Vegan + GF)

By On October 16, 2016

I’m sure there are advanced techniques for soup-making…French words to describe the different stages of simmering, expensive spoons and funnels and strainers. Clearly, I have no idea what these fancy methods involve –… Read More


The Ultimate Fall Dessert Bread (Dairy Free)

By On September 27, 2016

Summer-tarians: I know you’re sad about the whole Summer Friday thing. And the fact that it is no longer acceptable to eat ice cream and a lobster roll before noon on a… Read More


Vegan Stuffed Peppers (GF)

By On September 11, 2016

People are really good at forgetting the “bad” parts. I know this because each year, as one season fades into another, I am incredibly psyched for what lies ahead. I feel un-American just… Read More

The Minimalist Pantry'sNYC Neighborhood Dining Guide
Kitchen Exploits

My NYC Neighborhood Dining Guide: West Village

By On September 1, 2016

It’s happening. I am actually putting pen to paper – er, keyboard – and writing down my restaurant recommendations. Since moving to Manhattan, I’ve been the source for friends, family and colleagues… Read More


Breakfast Power Salad (Paleo+GF+Vegan)

By On August 17, 2016

This is one of those “I can’t believe I’m posting this non-recipe” recipe posts. It’s just a matter of cutting a few things up and tossing them together. On the other hand,… Read More


Summer Salad with Fresh Corn Chimichurri Dressing (V+GF)

By On July 31, 2016

I was hesitant to call this a “copycat” recipe for two reasons. First of all, it’s a marriage between two of my most favorite fast casual salads – the Mexicali Vegan from… Read More


Breakfast Tacos (GF + DF)

By On July 10, 2016

I am so grateful for adult friendships. I regularly have 14 hour days with work, school and gym – and I am so lucky to have friends who get it. They get it… Read More


Paleo Strawberry Lemon Pie (GF + DF)

By On June 16, 2016

Believe it or not, I’ve never been a huge fan of pies. I’m talking about the ones with the gloppy cooked fruit – cherry, blueberry, apple…I know, I’m un-American! My favorite characteristics… Read More


Tuna and Raw Veggie Bowl (Dairy Free)

By On June 5, 2016

Coming back from vacation always gives me whiplash. This time around, things were especially difficult given the fact that I boarded a red-eye from California – the land of sunshine and palm trees –… Read More


Garlicky Cauliflower Puree

By On May 23, 2016

I have tried some of the crazier health food “replacement” recipes. Case in point: chickpea cookie dough. Let me save you some time by telling you that combining chickpeas with a bunch of… Read More