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Chocolate Banana Frozen Treat (GF + Vegan)

For many, this recipe is a total no-brainer. Been there done that. But I’m posting it because I often find that things that seem common to me – say, a “trending” restaurant or using cauliflower for a pizza crust – are not the norm if you’re not plugged into the social media food world. Which is exactly how I feel when my friends bring up celebrity couples; I used to be able to keep up. Before I got rid of cable, I would catch enough of E! News to be able to confidently discuss JLaw and Chris Martin, and whether they’re on or off (I think it’s off?). But now that I’m unplugged, I don’t have this kind of (valuable – enriching – important – you choose the adjective) news seeping in subconsciously as I flip through channels.

So, I feel it’s my duty to keep you up to date on one of the best healthy food shortcuts out there. I wouldn’t want you to get behind on the foodie trends. Worst case scenario, just start spitting buzz words like gluten free, artisan and paleo and you’ll convince your friends you’re up with the times.

Ingredients for one serving:

1 frozen banana, defrosted for just a couple of minutes (I let my bananas get very ripe then remove the peel and wrap them in plastic and plop them into the fridge – the sweeter the nanner, the sweeter your dessert)

1/4 cup of almond milk

1 tsp of cocoa powder


Take your banana out of the freezer and let it sit while you prep the other two ingredients. You want it frozen, but not rock hard. If you can, slice or chop it into smaller chunks.


Add the bananas, almond milk and cocoa into a blender or food processor. Blend on high until the contents seem completely smoothed and combined.


Serve immediately as it will thin as it warms up.





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